The 3rd Asian Conference on Thermal Sciences

June 23-27, 2024, Shanghai, China

Apply for Visa

Attendees from most of countries will be required to apply for a visa when visiting the People's Republic of China. We suggest that ACTS 2024 participants apply for a Chinese visa at the nearest Chinese Embassy or Consulate in your countries. The period of application process may be different in different countries or regions. To make sure application going on well, we suggest you starting the visa application as soon as possible.

Your visa application will require an invitation letter from ACTS 2024 (or some other organization in China), please choose "Yes" at the "Require VISA Invitation Letter?" checkbox in the registration system, after finishing registration our system will automatically send an invitation letter to you via email.

Please contact us if you require other documents for the visa application (as may be noted in the information from the Chinese Embassy in your country), please contact us (